Hazardous Waste

hazlist.pngThe 2022 Household Hazardous Waste event will be on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022. Registration for event will take place Oct 1- Oct 16. For a PDF click here

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wastemobile.pngThere are over 350 items listed alphabetically, To see the list click here.

Town of Plainfield

Household Hazardous Waste Events

For information on the 2016 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events  -click here

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Spring 2016 Recycling Update

Plainfield Recycling News 2016 to download or read PDF - click here

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Town of Plainfield Transfer Station Rules & Fees

To download a PDF of the Rules & Fees - click here

Transfer Station Information

Location:184 East Main Street (Route 116 )

Hours:Wed 6 - 7 pm; Sat 9 - noon; Sun 4 - 6 pm

Per Bag Fee: Yes – punch cards

Sticker/Punch Card Source: Transfer Station Attendant and Town Clerk

General Recycling – MRF Mixed Paper and Containers (included with permit)

Other Recyclables (check Town Website and/or Attendant for pricing) 

Scrap Metal Yes/Free(seasonal)

White Goods  Yes/$$$(includes cost of Freon removal)

TVs & Electronics  Yes/$$$

Tires  Yes/$$$

Textiles & Clothing Yes/Free(Salvation Army Box)

Styrofoam  Yes/Free

Bulky Rigid Plastics  Yes/Free(seasonal)

Pellet Bags  Yes/Free

Hazardous Waste

 Motor Oil  No

Oil Filters  No

Anti-freeze  No

Auto Batteries  No

Household Batteries  Yes/Free

Paint  No

Fluorescent Bulbs  Yes/Free

Ballasts  Yes/Free

Thermometers  Yes/Free

Thermostats  Yes/Free

Switches  Yes/Free

Propane Tanks  N

The Town participates in the HRMC annual household hazardous waste collection (HHW) event held the last weekend of October.  The Town also offers participation in at least 6 other HHW events in the region.  These are offered to residents free of charge.  PRE-REGISTRATION is required.

Other Items 

Bulky Waste  Yes/$$$(seasonal)

Construction & Demo  Yes/$$$(seasonal)